Equinox is proud to collaborate with CDAP (Canadian Digital Adoption Program) to offer businesses a government grant of up to $2400 for our exceptional services.

As part of the CDAP program, Equinox can provide your business with a full website redesign or create a brand new website from scratch.

Process Steps

Process Steps
1) For a chance to qualify for CDAP and access our complimentary services contact Equinox and share your specific needs.

2) Upon evaluation, we'll determine your eligibility and create a personalized Digital Action Plan, assisting you throughout the CDAP approval process.

3) Following your introductory meeting with CDAP, we'll provide you with the completed CDAP spending plan for submission.

4) Our work commences upon approval, and upon completion, we will provide you with an invoice to claim reimbursement (up to $2400) from CDAP.
Partner with Equinox through CDAP and experience our unparalleled services without the financial burden.
*Terms and conditions apply*
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