Deportivo Binacional FC is a professional soccer club, based out of Puno, a region in the Andes of Peru. Founded in 2010, the club won the Peruvian First Division league title in December, 2019, being the club’s most important accomplishment in their short history. Being the Peruvian champions of 2019 meant the club would go on to play the 2020 Copa Libertadores, being South America’s elite club competition. In this tournament, the club would play against South America’s most popular and historic clubs from Brazil, Argentina, and other countries. This is why New Athletic, the Peruvian sportswear brand which sponsors and supplies uniforms for Binacional, reached out to us. New Athletic recognized that the club’s current crest did not follow the current trend seen all over the world for sports team logos, being minimal and simple. They wanted us to redesign the club’s crest as well as to design uniforms for the team to wear at the prestigious Copa Libertadores tournament, where the team would be watched on televisions all around the continent.
As seen above, the club’s current crest features far too many colours and busy graphic elements. However these elements also represent the history and culture of the Puno region where the club is from. This is why we wanted to make sure these important symbols were used in our redesigned logo, but in a simpler and modernized style, and with a reduced colour palette.
The construction of the club’s crest was animated to show the flow of all the elements coming together to form the crest.
As seen above, all of the main elements used to create the new club crest represent a piece of Puno’s history and culture, adding a dimension of meaning in addition to the minimal and modern aesthetics of the new crest.
Our head designer Cesar spent much time sketching various ideas for Binacional’s new uniforms before proceeding with their final digital recreation. This allows ideas to be developed much faster and efficiently during the ideation process.
Following the initial sketches, the uniforms were recreated digitally to ensure the manufacturers could recreate them for the club to detail.
Once the crest and uniform designs were completed and approved by New Athletic, we created a digital presentation to be presented by the brand to the club directive board. The brand approved of the new crest and uniforms but ultimately it was only our uniforms which were used by the team.
On March 5th 2020, the club made its debut in the Copa Libertadores, playing at home against historic Brazilian club Sao Paulo. The team wore their new uniforms (with slight modifications to cut costs) for the first time at home in front of their fans, and won the game 2-1. Playing against Brazilian star players who had played for some of the world’s most prestigious clubs, such as Dani Alves and Alexandre Pato.
Here is televised footage of Binacional’s striker Johan Arango scoring the winning goal against Sao Paulo, while wearing the new uniform.
Here are some of Peru’s most popular newspaper covers of the following day, displaying the new uniforms designed by our head designer Cesar, after the club had won a historic match against a historic opponent in a top level tournament.
The jerseys were also featured in the popular video game by EA Sports, FIFA 21. Where the Copa Libertadores and all of its participating teams including Binacional are featured in the game.