Sk8 School is a skateboarding school for kids in Lima, Peru. Established in 2007 by former Professional skateboarder Alberto Montes. Sk8 School recognized that they did not have a strong visual identity and reached out to us for help, with the hopes of increasing student enrollment and increasing their revenue through merchandise sales.

The first step towards revitalizing Sk8 School’s visual identity was through redesigning their logo. The client Sk8 School wanted their new logo to follow a more modern and minimal aesthetic, as well as to appear more playful and inviting towards families who seek an extracurricular activity for their children. As a result we designed two logos for the client. The first one being a circular logo which could be easily used for merchandise and promotional materials, as well as a simpler text-dominant logo to be used at smaller scales. We chose to keep the colour palette from the original logo, being red and black, to keep some of the essence of the original Sk8 School visual identity. Modernized with the addition of white, a clean legible type and a more playful aesthetic.

As seen above, the logo can be used monochromatically, which is a very important trait for any well-designed logo. The ability to be used monochromatically ensures the client can use their logo for a wide range of applications. Such as the head of multiple documents for print and digital submission, as well as to be used in collaboration projects with other brands and/or companies. This makes the client’s logo far more efficient and universal.

The client’s primary logo is inspired by the shape of a skateboard wheel, and we wanted to push this visual connection towards the client’s customers by creating a dynamic animation revealing the logo.

Once the client was satisfied with their new logos, our second task was to create a small promotional brochure highlighting Sk8 School’s key information. This brochure was made to be printed and distributed across schools and tournaments, with the intention of catching the eye of potential new students. We ensured the client’s new visual identity was carried through to this promotional material. Solidifying their new identity through a consistent use of type, colour, photography, layout, and imagery.

Our next task for Sk8 School was to design merchandise and other promotional products which could be sold to students for additional revenue or used as prize incentives and giveaways in tournaments and other promotional events. It was very important for the client to ensure these products were simple, versatile and stylish; while still clearly promoting Sk8 School. As a result, we produced a series of simple apparel designs which followed all of these attributes, which became very popular among the students.

Another promotional product we designed for the client were two versions of stickers, using both the primary and secondary logos for Sk8 School. As seen above, these stickers were a cost effective solution to promote the client and can be applied on a variety of equipment, objects and surfaces.

After revitalizing their visual identity, Sk8 School saw their student enrollment increase tremendously, being more visually captivating towards both kids and most importantly, their parents. This also increased the client’s exposure and reputation in the Peruvian skateboarding community, leading to a collaboration with a local skateboard deck brand, Equilibrium Skateboards. 

Sk8 School’s founder reached out to us to digitize a personal hand drawing, so it could be used on the decks made by Equilibrium Skateboards for Sk8 School. This drawing was recreated in a digital vector format. To ensure the highest resolution and image quality possible for applications on decks and other products.

Equilibrium skateboards made the Sk8 School “Sun” deck in four different colour-ways, available for purchase to all students of the school. These decks became yet another merchandise product offered by Sk8 School to increase their revenue, as well as to promote and grow their image and reputation.

To launch the decks on social media we made promotional photos, featuring close ups and product shots in various angles; which were posted on Sk8 School and Equilibrium Skateboards’ official instagram pages. These posts generated a lot of attention from followers, who proceeded to purchase the decks.